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Red and Brown Podcast Mini-Episode #1

Because so much time passes in between episodes of our podcast, we will be releasing mini-episodes in between the longer episode releases.

In the first Red and Brown Podcast Mini-Episode I talk about the one of the all-time great action movies SPEED! Stick around and hang out.

Speed in Munchkinland --

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Red & Brown Podcast Episode 12: Video Game Movies

Adam and Ben rank their top 5 and bottom 5 video game movies, and cast their own video game movie. Ben makes his Oscar picks (just in time). And the guys play another round of the internet's favorite game show Guess the Success!


Red and Brown Podcast - Episode 11: What Have We Been Watching?

In this episode Adam and I talk about some of the movies we have recently watched. We also discuss movie characters we identify with the most. And we bring back a Red and Brown Podcast staple; the internet's most popular game show, Guess the Success. Followed by Adam reviewing the 2003 film, The Room, also known as the Citizen Kane of bad movies. Stick around and hang out!


The Red and Brown Podcast Episode 2: Spin offs! Star Wars news! Bad movies with good trailers!

In Episode 2 of the Red & Brown Podcast, we talk about Adam's YouTube video ranking 11 Batman features. We also discuss good movies with bad trailers and Star Wars news and spin offs!


Red and Brown Podcast Episode 10: Back to the Future Re-cast!

On the milestone 10th episode of the Red and Brown Podcast we re-cast Back to the Future, one of the greatest trilogies of all time! We also go over the winners of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the upcoming Oscars, and our most anticipated movies of 2018!


Red & Brown Podcast Episode 7: Comedies

This week the guys cover movie news, Ben reviews Carrot Top's 1998 "comedy" Chairman of the Board. We find out who won this week's Guess the Success AND what movie the loser will have to watch. They also make their guesses for the next Guess the Success. Lastly, the guys rank their top and bottom 5 comedies.

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Red and Brown Podcast Episode 9: Our Best and Worst Movies of 2017

This week Adam and Ben review their favorite films of 2017 and some of the ones that bummed them out, too. Ben talks about Flatliners and confuses Andy McDowell with Julia Roberts. They also discuss some films that surprised them but didn’t quite make their Top 5.


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Red & Brown Podcast Episode 5: Harrison Ford

This week on the podcast Adam and Ben celebrate the storied career of the living legend Harrison Ford. They cover movie news and play the wildly popular game "Guess the Success".  They also rank and discuss their top 5 best and worst Harrison Ford films!

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Red & Brown Podcast - Episode 8: Trilogies

Adam and Ben talk about trilogies! Particularly the underrated trilogy of The Purge just before it becomes a quadrilogy! Plus your favorite Red and Brown staples: The Greatest Movie Review You Have Ever Heard and Guess! The! Success!

2:30 - The guys talk "All The Money In The World" and a bit about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

9:45 - Ten ?Great? Movies with all star casts

19:50 - The Greatest Movie Review You Have Ever Heard: Adam reviews "The Stupids" (1996)

26:05 - Guess! The! Success! - Daddy's Home 2 results. Guesstimations for Justice League!

35:00 - The Purge

53:30 - Dishonorable Mentions

1:08:30 - Honorable Mentions

1:10:00 - Top 5

Intro Music:

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Red & Brown Podcast Episode 6: Horror Movies!

On episode 6 Adam and Ben talk about horror movies.

2:10 - News: Avatar sequels
- SOLO a Star Wars Anthology Film
- X-MEN New Mutants trailer
- Black Panther trailer
- Star Wars: Episode VIII trailer

10:38 -The Greatest Movie Review You Have Ever Heard: Adam reviews M. Night Shamaylan's Lady In The Water.

19:55 - Guess the Success: Blade Runner 2049.
-The loser of Guess the Success finds out what movie he has to watch.
-We get to Guess the Success for Saw 8

29:15 - Adam and Ben talk about horror movies
- Honorable mentions
- Top 5 favorite horror films
- Top 5 least favorite horror films

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