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Red & Brown Podcast Episode 15: VAL KILMER!!!

FINALLY Episode 15 of the Red and Brown Podcast has arrived. And on this episode Adam and Ben celebrate a man as timeless as the art of acting itself: Mr. Val Kilmer. The guys cover his acting background, roles he turned down, and they rank their top 5 Val Kilmer movies. Also, Guess the Success returns to estimate the box office success of The Grinch starring Benedict Cumberbatch. And they review a couple of movies they have been watching. Stick around and hang out.

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Red & Brown Podcast Episode 14: Looking into 2019

This episode Adam and Ben talk about their expectations for successes and failures at the box office in 2019. They also review a couple of movies that they recently watched.


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Adam Daly Live Episode 2 - Aired 10/28/18

Streamed live on Oct 28, 2018

Welcome to Episode 2 of Adam Daly Live! Today we will be discussing the weekend Box Office - talk movie related news - play a fun game - and take your live viewer questions! Entertainment News! Box Office Breakdown!

10-28-2019 Show Notes:

Weekend Box Office Report; Katie Holmes joins The Boy 2; Grudge release date moved up two months (The Grudge 2019); The Purge creator James DeMonaco "the next Purge movie will be the last".

Top Five Horror Movies - Top 5 Horror Movies

Game - Body Count; Twitter Questions - Jared Buckendahl ,Chandler Langley, and Amauri Poyntz; Viewer Questions

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Adam Daly Live Episode 1 - Aired 10/21/2018

Streamed live on Oct 21, 2018
Welcome to Episode 1 of Adam Daly Live!
Today we will be Discussing the weekend Box Office - talk movie related news - play a fun game - and take your live viewer questions! Entertainment News! Box Office Breakdown! Halloween 2018!
10-21-2018 Show Notes:
Halloween Slashes the Box Office!
Happy Death Day 2 Trailer
The Flash Movie Pushed Back (DCEU News - DCEU The Flash)
Luke Cage Canceled - Iron Fist Canceled
Tom and Jerry and Scooby- Doo Films in the Works
Amy Winehouse Biopic
The Warrens return to Annabelle 3 (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga)
Disney's Jungle Cruise Release Dates Moves to 2020
Twitter Question - The Movie Oracle
Viewer Questions!
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Special Twitter Question from The Movie Oracle - hangouts on air!
The Flash Pushed Back to 2020 DECU News
According to Variety, Warner Bros. has once again pushed back the release of The Flash in part because of scripting issues. It had been scheduled to begin filming in March 2019, but the new script isn’t finished and the studio wanted more time to get it right. Ezra Miller’s schedule is also a hurtle for this film. Miller played the Flash/Barry Allen in Justice League and briefly appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, Miller is also playing a key role in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. He is currently slated to film the third movie in that series next summer.

Red & Brown Podcast Episode 13: HALLOWEEN

UPDATE: There is approximately 32 seconds of audio missing from this podcast. Sorry! I am still getting better at editing.

The Red and Brown Podcast is back with Episode lucky 13! On this episode, Adam and Ben discuss their return to the podcast, Adam's live Youtube show Adam Daly LIVE!. They also rank their Top 5 movies to watch during the Halloween season... AND They give their rankings for the Michael Myers/Halloween franchise. Stick around and hang out.




Red & Brown Podcast Mini-Episode #1

Because so much time passes in between episodes of our podcast, we will be releasing mini-episodes in between the longer episode releases.

In the first Red and Brown Podcast Mini-Episode I talk about the one of the all-time great action movies SPEED! Stick around and hang out.

Speed in Munchkinland --

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Red & Brown Podcast Episode 12: Video Game Movies

Adam and Ben rank their top 5 and bottom 5 video game movies, and cast their own video game movie. Ben makes his Oscar picks (just in time). And the guys play another round of the internet's favorite game show Guess the Success!


Red & Brown Podcast - Episode 11: What Have We Been Watching?

In this episode Adam and I talk about some of the movies we have recently watched. We also discuss movie characters we identify with the most. And we bring back a Red and Brown Podcast staple; the internet's most popular game show, Guess the Success. Followed by Adam reviewing the 2003 film, The Room, also known as the Citizen Kane of bad movies. Stick around and hang out!


Red & Brown Podcast Episode 2: Spin offs! Star Wars news! Bad movies with good trailers!

In Episode 2 of the Red & Brown Podcast, we talk about Adam's YouTube video ranking 11 Batman features. We also discuss good movies with bad trailers and Star Wars news and spin offs!